There are 3 types of actions:

1. Add discord user name to hosk

2. List for sale

3. Change price/ Delist

Q. How do i add my discord tag to my hosk?

A. Fill out this small form Here

Why? The fee paid must come from the account that holds the NFT. This verifies that the owner owns the NFT

Price : 2 ADA

Q. How to mark my hosk for sale?

A. Fill out this small form Here

Price : 2 ADA

Q. How do I edit my listing price or delist?

A. Fill out this small form Here

Price : 1 ADA

Q. Why do these actions require a fee?

A.When you pay a fee, it goes towards the maintainence of the site. It pays for azure cloud services and it allows for extra resources for future features.

Request a feature/Bug Here

If a requested feature is deployed, please donate to the address below.

You can find the list of features at